Woman On Top: 'Queen' Cowgirl

Generally the favorite position for women (along with doggy), it is the one where she can move and grind the freest, and therefore get herself off most easily.   And, it slows the guy down, so he won't ejaculate.   So, these are good positions to try early in your night's love session.  If she can get 1 or 2 good orgasms this way, then she's all yours, and you can do whatever you want with her afterwards.   She’ll be deliriously willing.   And once a woman orgasms in an intercourse session, she finds it easier to cum again… and again…, in other positions…  

There are, of course, many variations:

5 Degrees of Female Angle:
Think of opening a jackknife, — you can open the knife at various degress of the arc, from closed to fully open.   And likewise with a woman's angle over her man:

  • - 'Romantic Missionary Cowgirl'.   She lies flat, prostrate on him.  The two are like the closed jackknife at this point.
    Also called the  'Coupled Rollover', because you can just rollover from/to the Missionary posture. (She lies flat down on him, kissing his lips). 
    Variation:  His hands on her arse pull/grind her hips/clit into him.   Can be quite orgasmic.
  • - Leans Forward 45% (and if he is also raised on full arms, this allows easy kissing and  their chests press together).
  • - Classic Cowgirl:  Sits Upright-Her Knees to bed.
  • - 'Lady Leanback, aka 'JackKnife':    She leans way back on her arms.     His phallus hits her G-spot so well this way. 
  • - 'Belly Up':   Lean ALL the way back, like a jackknife fauly open.  (aka: 'Body Floating').
  • - Criss-cross (she lying flat, but at an X angle over him.  Sounds strange, but this tightens the friction on clit, and can be very orgasmic, say some women.)


Variations for each of above:
       'Asian/Frog Squat'  
  or 'Standard flat Foreleg' ]