13-OPT: Fishing Pole

Fishing Pole:   Goin’ Fishin’

That night Tomek had a strange dream.   He dreamt that the singing moon maiden and the giant pufferfish of the lake were one.    And he was goin' fishin' for her.

He dreamt he had a long, long fishing pole.   The longest, biggest fishing pole of any man.   Wooden but flexible, it stretched and loomed way out over the lake.

He was going to catch the big one.  He knew she was out there, somewhere.  And he was going to find her.

His fishing hook was long and sharp, — like that on the end of pirate Captain Hook's arm.  He cast it far out into the deep of the lake.

A man has to wait a long time sometimes for a woman to bite.    But if he is patient, and the fishin’ good, if fate smiles upon him, he will feel her pull.      

He felt her as a yank upon his pole.   His  long pole vibrated hard, and she yanked again, pulling him on into the center of her lake.   It was a long, hard ride, as they swam round and round in circles there where it was deep.   He held on.

By and by she seemed to weaken, and he grew more sure of himself.   He found a foothold in the rocks and reeled her on in.   Lifting her up out of the depths, and high into the air, he now had her spinning round and round, hanging from the end of his pole.  His hook had caught her.  Caught her right between the legs.   Caught her in the cunt.

Yes his big hook dug right in there, so she couldn’t get it out, and floundered all about in the water.    Her ‘primal mouth’, right between her legs, had snatched his bait with her snatch.   And now she was hooked.

Her body hung there suspended over the lake, slowly turning round on the wire, her hair and limbs all dripping.   

The prize catch.  The biggest fish of the lake.   

But as she hung there, she looked back angrily at him, like this is not the right way to snatch a lady.  Not by her snatch.

Then he dropped his man pole. And woke up.