13- Swimming Together

Swimming Together

She did not see him, for he was seated betwixt the reeds, the tall reeds that grew by the shore, blending in.   So he very carefully eased his foot into the water, and then eased the whole of him into the water, like a snake, sliding in.   Crouched, and floating in the shore water.   Emerging from the weeds.   

Like a predator; a water moccasin.  

She turned and saw him, at maybe twenty feet.   Her mouth dropped open, stunned.    Then her arms went up, and covered her breasts, as if protecting a delicate treasure, the fruit of her garden, too delicate to be seen.  Their eyes locked for a long time, everything slowed[, as each one’s spirit travelled to the other.    

She had wild, green, cat eyes, as green and as watery as the sea.     He was transfixed by these, and for a very long time he simply stared into them.    Floating down into her.  

Neither one really moved, but somehow he was drifting, floating, closer towards her.    As if pulled by magnetism.   Until he could almost breathe the air she exhaled.   As in a dream.      

She was sinking slowly down into the water, hiding, bit by bit, her treasure.   The small waves alternately revealed and hid her nipples.  Now only her head remained, watching, her long hair trailing on the water like silk.

They floated, as time stopped, he swimming in those wide, questioning green eyes that reflected the entire lake.  The lake and her eyes, they were the same.

Her lips were open, red, plump, and wet.    Reminding him, surreally, of the pufferfish lips of the Red Eel.    Her whole face seemed to radiate and center around those lips.    Like they were the whirlpool center of her face.        

Thick, pursed, fleshy, pulpy lips that never quite closed.

☼                ☼                 ☼

Then suddenly she turned and dived into the water with a splash of her ‘tail’.   Her rump shooting momentarily high into the air.

She swam like a fish away, her feet slapping the water, like fish’s tail, and her buttocks bopping up and down over the water as she swam further away.    Her bottom caught the moonlight, so that it shone, so it seemed to flash at him from the dark waters for a long time.