Snout Rub & Wet Spot

Phallic Nose to Panty Probe

[DRAWING:   –Tomek’s Phallic Nose]

It’s different when you stick your head up your girls’ skirts after a long clothed humping session.  As soon as you stick your head in there you're hit with the strong, overpowering scents of cunt and ‘readiness’, filling up her whole skirted domain.   All your long humping session has really gotten her in the mood.   And as soon as you get your head up in there close to her panties, you'll notice:  her wet spot.   
Her panties aren't pristine at the moment.   There’s a really big, oval wet spot all down the center of her panties.  Like she was so passionate she peed her pants.   But it’s not pee; it’s just her lovely libations.   You worked her up, and it shows.  Deep in the heart of her.
The sweet, sweet spot.   Perhaps nothing is lovelier for a man to see than the wet spot in a girl’s panties.  It shows she cares.   It shows she wants.   You.   
Love is the girl with the wet spot.   
A dude can't look at it without growing a boner.  Tomek’s just grew and grew the longer he stared at her wet spot.   

☼                ☼                 ☼ 

And yes, her smells hooked him by the nose and pulled him on in.   Because a cunt is magical.   It’s witchcraft, really.   That’s the witch’s pot between her legs, and it’s brewing some power-pungent, steaming love potion right now.   Watch out, boy!, that’s witchcraft!   She's gonna put a spell on you.  Her steamy love potion brewing....
A good sniff or two of that and it will hook you more, pull you by the nose into her.  She’s like the dark black holes of space, get too close, and she'll pull you through her vortex, where you’ll never want to leave.   
And that’s what she's doing now, pulling his nose on in.   For a good sniff.   Because yeah, you can sniff a girl when your nose gets near her panty crotch, — but sometimes that’s not enough.   Sometimes you want to push your nose down into her cotton, and start to swim in her scents.   Become intoxicated by them.   That witchy love-spell brew she's got steaming there for you.  Now you want to drown in it.   You push your nose down in, to try to suffocate in her scent pot.    Then turn your nose all around, left, right, left, right...  Probing into the inner world of her most privates.   This was kind of embarassing her.   Gawd!, I hope no one sees us like this!, she thought.
But when a guy’s got his nose in your panties, there’s not much you can do about it.   Guys just don't want to pull out once they're in there.   Oh, you can try to shoo them away, like you do a pesty fly that’s gotten in your skirts, — but good luck with that.    Most guys like the witchy sniffin’ pot so much they don't want to leave.   If you push him away, he’s likely to push on in ever deeper in your panties.  


She wondered idly if she should reach for that bucket of water over there, and pour it over his head to cool him down.   Because this is really getting embarassing!   Moreover, she was beginning to move to his nose.  To ‘dance’ on the tip of his nose.  Her hips lifted, and shifted, moving around with his nose probings.   Like the two of them were playing a cute little nose kissing game.   And then even like she was ‘riding’ on his nose.  Little Red Riding Hood, rocking and riding on the nose of the big, bad wolf...  
Her head rolled back and she just got into it.   The probings of his nose in her most private of places.   She let him sniff her out.  It was a strange feeling to her.   But he sure seemed happy in there.  Which made this even stranger: ‘doesn't he realize I smell like old fish down there?’, she wondered.    But that’s where her man wanted to be.

☼                ☼                 ☼ 

The further he pushed, probed and twisted his nose into her panties the longer his nose seemed to grow. His nose seemed to elongate and become a sort of phallic object.   They say that Pinocchio's grew because he lied too much.  And some here say a man’s nose can grow and turn into a sort of phallus, when he's oh! So attracted to a woman's sexual aromas...  It certainly appeared to be the case here.

☼                ☼                 ☼ 

And the more and more his nose dug and probbed in there, the more her panty became wet.   He kissed it.   Again and again.  He kissed her panties like they were the sacred shroud over the sacred altar.   
Now also licking up, down, all over her cotton panty crotch.   Cotton panties between a lass’s legs just seem made for licking.  
She gasped and cooed.   Her panty basin soon a warm, wet sponge.  It makes the digging into a girl all the more pleasant.   
Indeed, he pushed and churned his nose and tongue in so much her panties became a creamy, bubbly, spumescent, foamy froth...
Like a sweet, Italian ‘spumante’ sparkling wine, which he so loved to drink from.