'The Duckwalkers Tribe

Tomek remembered hearing of the 'Duck-Walkers' tribe on the isle.  They make a big ceremony of lowering a girl's panties.  It could take days for a young suitor to get them off.   It depended on how well he was pleasing her.   The tension in her legs would guide him, letting him know how far down he could pull her panties today.    Where her 'mood flag' panties flew today, on the mast of her legs, was her answer to his proposal for marriage.   The rules of the sea were this: flying all the way up (her britches pulled up), she’s a ‘no’.    All the way off, she’s a ‘yes’.    Anywhere in between, and its undecided.
It was the age-old game of ‘catch the flag’.

The lass might keep her panties straddled at mid-thigh all day.   These maidens would run around to their girlfriends homes, raise their skirts, and show them where their flag was flying today.   Then they sought advice about raising or lowering them.    About saying 'yes' or 'no' to her suitor.

They walked like a duck in a shuffle, with their panties spread out between their thighs or their knees, sometimes for days, trying to decide how to answer their suitor’s proposal.   

It was a warming sight to come across one of these shuffle-stance maidens in a village, about to make the ‘big’ decision.     Fiancées they're called.      Duck walkers.