The Panty Dance

There is a dance on this isle they call the 'Panty Dance'.  It's a dance of courtship.  And surrender.   It starts when you're kissing and dancing normally with your girl, and you're getting in good with her.   So good she doesn't mind your hand on her caboose, — and then your hand slipping under her skirts to her panty postérieure.   Right in the middle of a crowded, dark disco.   Giving it a squeeze or two.   And then, if you dare, giving it a tug.   Tug one side of her panty waist down a few inches, and then keep on dancing that way.  No one will know.  And a while later, maybe the next song, tug the other side of her panties down a few inches.  Such that her fleshy buttocks cheeks pop out over the panties, but no one sees, due to her skirt.  So keep on dancing, the two of you, just like that.  Real close.  No one will know.

In some of the discos of the isle, nearly everyone was doing it.    At the same time.   But you couldn't really tell, only guess.  In the dark.

You don't need to be in the disco.   Tomek was doing this as he danced at night with Venecia, right here in the swamps.   Dancing through the brume from lilypad to lilypad.   With panties getting lower...

If she approves of your kissing, and your dancing, and your luvin', she'll let you reach under and pull them down a few more inches after another dance or two.  Soon they're hanging down around mid thigh.  Girl, you gotta watch how you walk.   Watch how you dance.   Or otherwise they'll slip away, down your legs, to your scarlet shame.   You're going to have to do the 'Duckwalkers Dance’.   Waddle around with your legs bowed, knees well apart, so they don't slip further.   

It’s fun to go to the discos and watch the girls dancing this way, with bowed legs and different colored panties bouncing ‘round their knees.

Now if she doesn't like your style, if she thinks you're too 'fresh' with her, a gal can pull 'em back up.    Reach under her skirt and pull her pants up.  

But if your moves are smooth, you can keep on going.  

Venecia's were down around her ankles now.   Oh, that was a sight to see, as the two of them twirled ‘round the pond in her long, flowing skirts, and her bowed, 'duckwalker' legs.   

Whenever he slipped her panties down another notch or so, her face grew scarlet as the sunset.   And that made her all the more adorable, more beautiful than ever.

Sometimes, just to tease him, she’d slowly slip her panties down a notch or two herself.   Or she'd 'reward' him, with a lowering of her white 'flag'.  


Some of the most talented girls in the discos, who’d been brought up doing hula hoop dances for years, could make their panties twirl and shimmer on their legs, — and even shimmy the panties slowly up and down their thighs, without reaching to touch them!  They simply knew how to space and brace their thighs as they twirled.

That of course, made it an ultimate tease, — as the panties began to creep down below their skirts, into full public view, and then meander back up their thighs on their own!  Now you see me, now you don't!  And boy!, do you guys want it!


Some disco couples go through all this quickly.  But Tomek took it slowly, as Venecia was virginal.  And often, she pulled her panties back up a notch or so.  "Now, now, lover boy, you're getting too fresh...!", she'd wink.   

You can read the score in the discos, of how various couples are doing.   Ole Sam's got Sal's panties down around her knees.  He's doing well.   But Jim's Jane keeps pulling hers back up.   They must not be getting on well tonight.

When it gets below the knee, it's awfully hard for a gal to dance.   Or she'll lose it all.   Sooner or later that happens, and the panties fall around her ankles.   She demurely steps out of them, bends over to pick them up, and with a rosy little blush, hands them to her man.   With a flourish, he waves them in circles over her head, for all to see.   The white flag, the ‘panties of surrender’.   She’s 'surrendered' to him!    So now he can scoop her off her feet, take her home and do you know what with her tonight.   The crowd goes wild and applauds.

Late at night in the discos, you can see a whole drunken crowd singing, and waving more and more panties high over their gal's heads, as one by one of the gals succumbs to the mood.  It's infectious.   The 'panty dance'.


But for Tomek and Venecia, they danced this dance for over a week or so, — she strutting round the pond in 'duckwalkers' fashion, — before she finally surrendered her panties to him, letting them drop to her ankles, and stepped out.   

Ahh..!, how it gladdens a man's heart and eyes, when his gal steps out of her panties...

With a Tarzan-like whoop of victory, Tomek waved them high over her head, ‘round and ‘round the blushing maiden...