'Venecia': Outline Summary

Venecia.... A Novel,... in 5 Volumes
An Erotic Epic Allegory
— Illustrated Romantic Literary Erotica...

This is quite an sizable 'epic' novel, and so it has to be very organized, into parts and sub parts.  
There are 5 volumes.
These are divided into 'Divisions', or 'Units'.
Then each of these are further divided into mini-chapters, or 'scenes', usually about a webpage each.  (but prints as several pages each).  Ideally I'd like at least 1 quick skectch drawing for each of these 'scene' mini-chapters, though it might not quite work out that way.  For now, some of the sketches might just be very quick 'idea' sketches, which I'll later return to to fully draw.  (If you're an artist, and want to collaborate on this, for pay or otherwise, let me know.)

So here on this page I'll put a simple 'synopsis outline' of the 5 volumes and their 'Unit Divisions', and briefly what they will be about. 

WARNING: Since this page summarizes some of the major events of the upcoming chapters, those that prefer surprises may want to skip this page!


VOLUME ONE:   The Lotus of the Swamps


The intro to a strange, almost magical isle.  And the first glimpse of our main characters.
[orig: Tomek beaches upon the head of the ‘Motherland’ isle.    He climbs through the ‘Weeping Willow Forest’ (the hairs of the island), catches his first glimpse of Kiwi, and meets the ‘People of the Womb’. ]

— THE SONG OF THE LAKE  Tomek arrives at a deep, round lake surrounded by tulips, here symbolizing a woman’s mouth and lips.    He hears all kinds of sounds, and singing, and orgasmic cries.    We see how Kiwi practises her ‘Mating Call’ here, the orgasmic noises, as taught by a highly sexed grandma, Damiana.      Tomek meets a professional opera singer who practises here by having orgasms with loud cries.  

— THE TONGUE OF THE LAKE   Tomek chases a red eel (tongue)  in the lake’s deep waters, which ends up fellating him with its fish lips while he listens to Kiwi’s erotic songs.   He reflects on his past, when he lived on the Fatherland, meditating atop a phallic spire.   He also finds Kiwi’s panties, whose smell will help guide him to her.

— THE HEARTLAND     The island has a strong, feminine, floral scent that wafts in from its southern, tropical regions, and he follows it.   He also seeks to find Kiwi, by sniffing her out, and by using his penis as a ‘dowsing rod’ that will always point upright in the direction she has taken.
    He encounters the Heartland farmers, who compete to build the biggest silos (phallic symbols), and the wives who secretly mount them on full moon nights.

— PEACH MOUNTAINS   Tomek climbs the twin peaks, (volcanos that are the breasts of the isle), which are covered with orchards, and spies Kiwi picking fruit.    He has a series of dreams in which Kiwi brings him fruit.    Emphasis is on the beauty of all types and sizes of breasts, whether they be plums, peaches, ruby grapefruits, or coconuts.    It ends by his seeing ‘visions of dancing bosoms passing through his head’, and by falling asleep counting long lines of naked women as they jump over a fence, their breasts flopping.

— THE PEOPLE OF THE WOMB     Tomek meets and stays with the local people of the isle, the ‘Reals’, and learns more about their philosophy and lifestyle.    They are ‘modern primitives’, who plow the earth with their spears, fertilize it with women’s menstrual blood, and keep track of it on their laptops.    Tomek visits the fertility temple (located over the island’s womb), and sees the bare altar where the sacred Goddess ‘Urn’ was stolen from by the Plasticos.      He also consults a ‘pantietologist’, or pantie reader, who divines Kiwi’s nature from her panties, which Tomek brought him.

— THE BORDER    Tomek comes to ‘The Border’, the war zone arond the periphery of the ‘Urbe’, the city of the invading Plastico peoples.    (Symbolizes a tumor of the pancreas region.)    The warriors here shoot at the city with arrows tipped with their women’s panties.    The intensity of the smell of the female secretions cause the Plastico peoples to go into a convulsive shock, for they have never experienced anything Real (or sensual) before.   But the Plasticos make the Real people sick by sending out a barrage of ads, causing them to vomit.      Tomek meets ‘smugglers’ who bring in vials of the Real’s semen to the Plasticos.

— THE JUNGLE     Tomek arrives in the jungle (the pubic hairs of the isle), and discovers the beautiful fabled rose garden with a pond, a waterfall concealing the entrance to a cave.

— THE [MATING] DANCE    At dawn, Tomek sees Kiwi emerge on a lily pad from her cave home behind the waterfall, and begins a long, erotic dance.     

— HYMENEA, DAMIANA, AND BERTHA    A look at Kiwi’s strange life, whose father was a lost ‘sea-men’, and whose mother was a flower, so Kiwi is half flower.     She feeds the other flowers here with her feminine secretions, her ‘lure’.     Tells how she was raised by Hymenea, an herbalist who counsels her to remain ‘pure’ and virginal.   Then tells of how Damiana, an elderly woman, teaches her the ‘Erotic Arts’, to prepare herself for a man.    Also mentions her experience with Bertha, the lesbian amazon.    Kiwi is left confused by all this, and now seeks only to worship the Sun God.  
NEW:     One of the legends surrounding the isle and the cave, was that the cave contained a sort of ‘Pandora’s box.’   [tell pandora box story, briefly].  So some believed that cave kept buried within it all the uncontrollable ‘monsters of the deep’, demons and witchcraft.    [in gr finale, she is a witch on his pole].   So that perhaps it was good that the Goddess slept and went on sleeping for a thousand years. That if she were distrubed, or Pandora’s [magic] box opened, then all the ‘monsters of the deep’ would be unleashed, and then all hell would be let loose on the isle.  [Later, the feminine powerr and witchcatft ends up coming from here.].

— ’ARE THESE YOURS?’ Tomek finally introduces himself to Kiwi.   He does this first by sending her a trained snake that climbs up her skirt while she sleeps in her cave, sending her his message.   She dreams that this snake enters her womb and exits through her mouth.     Then, in a telepathic dream they both share, he shoots her with a cupid’s arrow coated with his semen while she dances, hitting her belly/womb.       Lastly, he emerges from the forest holding her panties, which she had left at Tulip Lake purposely as her perfumed ‘calling card’, to try to attract whatever man fate has meant for her.

— A FROG GOES A COURTIN’     Recounts their courtship.    Converstations.     She cooks erotic meals for him, and he brings her sugar cane to suck.     She is sometimes shy, but holding hands they develop a relationship.    They watch as her pet puma goes into heat and is taken by a male cat.   She tells him more about the Plasticos, and he convinces her to join him in a quest to stop the Plasticos and retrieve the Goddess ‘Urn’.    They agree that they must develop a ‘magic potion’ {from various erotic secretions, etc.}, that will give them the power to do all this.

— THE BEACH    A long walk on the beach (the curve of the island’s waist), and a massage.

— THE KISS   A long passionate kissing chapter, at Tulip Lake (the singing lake).      Could almost be used as a ‘how-to’ guide.
— POW-WOW CIRCLE    The ‘Meeting of the Tribes’ occurs at pow-wow circle (the navel of the isle), where they discuss what to do about the Plasticos.     They decide they must awaken the Goddess, who has slept deep underneath the island since time begun.    But to do this, they need the help of a male spirit, a God.    So they build a giant phallus and prepare for a fertiliy / rain dance. 

— THE RAINBOW DANCE      All the women dance nude around the burning phallus.     Their skin, hair, eyes, are of every color in the rainbow, from reds and oranges to even greens and violets, as well as black, brown, and white.    (An appreciation of the beauty of every color of woman.)   An optional oil painting, perhaps for book cover, will show this scene in full color detail. They shriek and orgasm in unison, and the rains come from the heavens to put the fire out.

— FRUIT OF THE VINE   The breast chapter.    Lots of breast foreplay, done on Peach Mountain.  

— THE CITY OF ‘URBE’    Tomek and Kiwi enter into the Plastico’s city, Urbe, and meet the people who all wear logos and TV antennas.    They are inundated constantly with noise and advertisements, until they can no longer think.    By luck, they crash a penthouse apartment, where a semen-snorting ‘cock-tail’ party of the rich is going on.

— TO SOW SEED     They return to the ‘Reals’, and help them plow land, and fertilize it with menstrual blood.      The ‘Reals’ make love in these fields afterwards.

— THE DANCE OF LOVE    A foreplay chapter.

— THE PEELING OF A MAIDEN   [White flag of surrender]  Where he lowers her panties.

— THE WINE CEREMONY    Where they commit to each other, and she offers him honeyed white wine (symbol of her love secretions), bitter red wine (symbol of her menses), and milk.    He offers her  ‘strong drink’, a 100-proof seed-grain brew with marinated purple phallic mushrooms brought from the Fatherland.    These intoxicate her, and cause her to enter a several day vision quest journey.    She has erotic visions.

— THE BLOOMING OF THE ROSE   [Opening the Lotus] The extended cunnilingus chapter

        ~          ~          ~          ~          ~


I have over 10,000 pages written over 2 decades (typed or hand written).  So it's quite the task to edit it all together into a much smaller, readable, 5 volume series.  (Any readers interested in helping with the editing let me know).

          — Leon Nocturne